Where to sell Ebay gift card for naira Or Bitcoins And Get Instant Payment.

Where Can I Sell My Ebay Gift Card In Nigeria For Naira Or Bitcoins ?

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Sell ebay gift card in Nigeria or any other country

If you have an ebay gift card and you’re confused about where or how to sell them for naira or bitcoins. You’re in luck! Due to how frightening the cyberspace is, many would rather perish with their gift card than trade it online. Well, you don’t have to die with it. There are lots of trading platforms where you can quickly sell your ebay gift card for naira or btc.

Since you’re a beginner, the trading process might look a little confusing. But it isn’t if you pay attention. If you can Facebook, then you can sell your card within 5-10 minutes. On this page, you will learn how to do that without hassle. All you have to do is follow instructions.

To start with, you will need to check your ebay card balance and make sure that your card isn’t applied to another account or have empty balance. Don’t worry i will educate you on how to do it.

How to Check your ebay balance

When it comes to checking your card’s worth, you have two options. Either you check it online or over the phone. Whichever one you prefer, the result is always the same. To check your ebay card balance go to ebay website and create account then go to check card balance page, put your ebay numbers on the space provided and click check balance.Your balance will appear like this picture below.


If you find it hard to check your balance online just CLICK HERE we’ll assist you do it instantly.


Features of a great ebay trader.

Before you deal with any trader, ensure they have these qualities to avoid cock and bull stories. With these attributes, be assured that your experience will be pleasant.

  • Fast response
  • Fast payment. Within 5-10 minutes
  • Honesty and reliability
  • Great exchange rate
  • Flexible payment method.

When it comes to selling your ebay gift card, you have first to discover the best trading platform to deal with. There are numerous of them, like;

  1. Sellcardsbitcoins
  2. Climaxcardings
  3. Omegaverified
  4. Walmartcarding
  5. Dollarcarding
  6. Paxful

The above sites are excellent and have proven to be reliable in terms of gift cards tradings and bitcoins too. When you have settled for a platform, the next obvious step will be to follow the below process.


(1). Contact the customer service agent.CLICK HERE to contact the customers service agent.

(2). Once you contact the agent, you will get a response within few seconds.

(3). Tell the agent the amount of ebay you have and the agent will tell you the current rate for your card.

(4). Then forward your card to the agent with your bank account details or bitcoins wallet ID for payment.

(4). Wait 5-10 minutes for them to process your card and you will be credited within 5-10 minutes/


That’s all on how to sell your ebay gift card for cash or bitcoins in Nigeria.


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