How to Sell Steam Gift Card: Step-by-Step Guide.

Gift cards have made things a lot easier for consumers as they don’t have to carry credit cards all the time. With the help of Steam gift cards, you get to avail yourself of all of the premium services without any hassle. However, if for example, you do not want to use Steam anymore or you want to cash some of the credit, what would you do?

Sell Steam Gift Card

Before Sellcardsbitcoins, there was no reliable and popular feasibility for selling Steam gift cards. Even though a handful of ventures were dealing in iTunes and Amazon cards, steam was never on the table. However, we have offered feasibility where you can sell them For Cash, Bitcoins, Naira, Cedies, Mobile Money and so much more. Follow the procedure mentioned below to trade your Steam gift card anywhere you live in the world:

  1. Make sure your Steam gift card is valid and good. (We accept physical cards and e-codes too.No need for a receipt but if you have fine.
  2. Contact our customer service on WhatsApp at +234 703 707 5287 or CLICK HERE to get started.
  3. Once you contact us, tell us the amount of steam you have and also tell us if you have a physical card or codes, then we will tell you the current rate.
  4. Once you have accepted our rate, then we will start trading immediately.
  5. Tell us how you would like to get paid, whether bitcoins, Bank transfer, skrill, PayPal, Naira, Cedies, Mobile money, Paytm, or any other payment method you choose, and we will provide it for you.

Note: We accept both E-codes and physical cards here.

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Once the Trade is done, you will be credited in 6 minutes instantly to your account.

Now that you have bought Bitcoin with a Steam gift card, or any other currency it’s time to either exchange them for your local currency on our exchange or leave the coins and wait for the BTC’s price to surge.

Please note that our exchange stands among the best ones in the industry and is quite user-friendly. So it does not matter whether you are a newbie or an expert in the niche – everything is self-explanatory.

A few words about our robust exchange

To offer the best OTC gift card solution as a whole, we have integrated several actionable insights into our exchange so that you may find it easy to trade your Bitcoins for local currency. Firstly, we have markers all over the dashboard where you can easily differentiate them with the help of colors. These indicators are used for interpreting different graphs and selecting a variety of options.

After buying bitcoin with Steam gift card with us or other currency you could use an array of options to execute the trade. One of the most popular features, the limit order, allows users to conduct a trade at a particular price. In doing so, you specify a price in your desired currency for the token you are planning to sell. As soon as this ‘stop price’ is reached, the preset order is carried out automatically.


It is quite evident that Sellcardsbitcoins is not only offering a unique functionality where you could sell a Steam gift card for Bitcoins, Cash, skrill, Mobile money, and so on but can exchange them for your local currency, we are also ‘polishing’ the current market. For instance, the liquidity at our exchange is quite high and it is not theoretically possible that if anyone of you plans to execute the trade he won’t find a buyer.

What’s even more exciting is that since we are talking about gift cards here, everyone wants them. However, due to some geo-restrictions imposed by a few service providers, not everybody in the World has the luxury to avail of these cards directly. It further enhances your probability of ALWAYS finding us to trade.

There are several insights on the main page of our exchange as well. So just before selling the BTCs for your local currency or any other monetary value, you could have a look at the data and make an informed decision regarding the best time to sell your coins for your benefit. Anyway, not necessary. Once you receive your money after we pay you, then you can use your money to do anything you want to do with it. Thats yours.

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