What Is the Value of a $300 Nike Gift Card in Naira in 2024?

What Is the Value of a $300 Nike Gift Card in Naira in 2024?

Do you have a $300 Nike gift card you want to sell? Are you wondering what the current value of your gift card is and how much money you will make from selling it? Walk with me. You’ll know the value of a $300 Nike gift card in Naira by the time you’re done reading this article.

Nike is so popular in the footwear industry that it is no surprise that Nike gift cards are hotcakes any day anytime. Nike makes footwear apparel like slides, sneakers, and cleats. With a Nike gift card, you can purchase any item on the Nike website or any Nike retail store.

In this blog post, you will find out how much a $300 Nike gift card is worth in Naira, and how to calculate the value. Additionally, I will talk about where to sell your Nike gift card and how to do that.

How Much is a $300 Nike Gift Card in Naira


At the moment, a $300 Nike physical gift card is currently worth 274,800 Naira at the rate of 916 Naira per dollar. For a $300 e-gift card, it is worth 230,400 Naira at the rate of 768 Naira per dollar. This goes to show that physical gift cards have more resale value than e-gift cards.

However, the best way to find out the value of your Nike gift card in Naira is to use a rate calculator. The value of gift cards is not fixed, meaning it can change at any time. The fact that a $300 Nike gift card is worth N274,800 now doesn’t mean it’ll be worth the same price next week.

With the Sellcardsbitcoins gift card rate calculator, you can easily find out the value of your gift card. Once you’re on the page, enter the required gift card details and you will see how much your gift card is worth. You can check the value in Naira, Cedis, and US Dollars.

Where To Sell Nike Gift Cards in Nigeria

You can sell Nike gift cards in Nigeria on the Sellcardsbitcoins platform. Sellcardsbitcoins is a trusted gift card trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana that offers the best rates for gift cards. Not only do you get to make the most out of your gift card, but you also get paid instantly.

On Sellcardsbitcoins, you can sell different amounts of various gift card brands. Aside from selling gift cards, you can also buy different gift cards at affordable rates. By selling your Nike gift card on a gift card trading platform like Sellcardsbitcoins, you eliminate the risk of getting scammed which can easily happen in peer-to-peer trading.

How To Trade Nike Gift Cards for Cash


If you have a Nike gift card you’ve not used and don’t want, you can sell the gift card to get money. By trading your Nike gift card on Sellcardsbitcoins, you can get paid in Naira or Cedis.

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You will get paid as soon as the transaction is confirmed. I should add that it is advisable to check your Nike gift card balance before trying to sell it. This is to make sure the funds are intact and avoid declined transactions.


Wrapping up, now you know how much a $300 gift card is worth, and how to confirm the value using a rate calculator. If you decide to sell your unused gift cards, whether Nike or any other brand, you know what platform to sell them on, and how to sell them.

With Sellcardsbitcoins, you can guarantee that your details and funds are secure. Once you trade your gift card in and the transaction is successful, your account will be credited immediately. Rest assured that the customer service team is always available in case you need help.

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